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survival is my specialty

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Birthdate:Oct 23
Location:Oregon, United States of America
Welcome to my LJ contingency plan.

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"bob", 2nd dan, alduous huxley, ancient art, ancient history, angry women, antiquity, atheism, bacon, bacon shakes, bare-assedness, being a stepmom, billie holiday, biography, birth stories, birthin' at home, bisexuality, bitch magazine, bizarre friends, black belt, black phoenix alchemy lab, bloody meat, bmw 2002s, bodily functions, book club, brainchild magazine, brothers quay, bruce lee, calling bullshit, carl hiassen, carnivale, chop-socky movies, clumsy gardening, coincidences, college corner, colorful shoes, compulsive cookery, confessional poetry, convoluting, crohn's disease, cuckling chickens, donnie darko, dragonboating, ella fitzgerald, euphoric recall, extended breastfeeding, feeding my friends, flossing, fluevogs, food porn, grammar, gut-busting, high weirdness, home winemaking, homebrew, homestarrunner, illuminatus trilogy, insane husbands, intentional community, jackie chan, jim jarmusch, joy division, knossos, kurt vonnegut, linguistics, little goats, little wee calvin, little wee saskia, madness, making out, margaret atwood, meandering, missy elliot, musty attics, my 1974 bmw, my stupid cats, neko case, new orleans, nick cave, nopo, pain, pastrami, picking, pj harvey, poland, portland, pranks, praxis, prednisone angst, raw oysters, ray bradbury, reading, richard brautigan, robert anton wilson, ruminating, salami, salty greasy things, santorini, sarcasm, seafood, sebaceous cyst envy, shape-shifting, showerheads, sick humor, susie bright, sylvia plath, taekwondo, talking trash, tattoos, tennessee williams, the absurd, the blues, the limits of patience, the perverse, the wire, this old house, tile, tom waits, zombie hoaxes
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